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I love leadership, laughs (and yes) libations.  I also love learning.  Although I've been in leadership roles for over 30 years, I love talking to leaders that are in the trenches and learning what works, what doesn't and what I can do differently.

This podcast is for everyone out there that is working to lead better, get more done and leave a legacy.  Leading others is a deliberative act and we can always get better.

Pop yourself open a cold one, sit back and enjoy!

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Mar 10, 2019

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit."  ~ Aristotle

If I had to sum up this week's episode in two words, those two words would be "DAMN AWESOME!" 

Why?  Because I'm talking to a guy who not only knows what he's talking about as far as leadership goes, he walks it every day.

My guest is Chris Cavallini.  Chris has an interesting back story (to include a little bit of time in the Navy) and he shares it all with us.  We talk about the power of honest feedback, how it's your responsibility as leader to set the pace, and how action is what it is all about.

I'm also going to request that you email me and let me know one of your favorite leadership tips so I can share it on the show.  Send it to me direct at  If I share it, I'll send you a free e-copy of my book, Leadership Secrets the Other Books Won't Tell You!

I know you'll love Chris as much as I did!  CHEERS!

More on Chris...

Chris Cavallini is the CEO and founder of Nutrition Solutions, a national lifestyle brand, and meal preparation company boasting high profile clientele such as New England Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski and former UFC Heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic. During his turbulent youth, he was arrested 17 times prior to his 18th birthday and later served jail time for the distribution of anabolic steroids. Cavallini ultimately changed his life’s course by dedicating his life to personal development, philanthropy and using his platforms to educate people on the practical action steps and mindset needed to reach the next level. Chris has been featured in Forbes, Inc. Magazine, and Bloomberg TV.

Connect with Chris on his website: or on Instagram