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I love leadership, laughs (and yes) libations.  I also love learning.  Although I've been in leadership roles for over 30 years, I love talking to leaders that are in the trenches and learning what works, what doesn't and what I can do differently.

This podcast is for everyone out there that is working to lead better, get more done and leave a legacy.  Leading others is a deliberative act and we can always get better.

Pop yourself open a cold one, sit back and enjoy!

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Sep 16, 2019

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”― Rumi

Things are different today, aren't they?  Just looking at my phone I think about how much computing power it has over the first computer I ever purchased in 1992.  Technology isn't just different, people are also different.  The workforce of today is so much more savvy than it was 30 years ago that it's easy to feel disconnected from those around you.

This week, you're in luck!  I'm having a conversation with Hospitality Guru, Colin Gold.  We talk about all things leadership but, in particular, how leaders need to change with the times if they're going to keep the employees they want to keep and also get them engaged.  Colin shares some keen insights and I know you'll get a lot from our conversation.


More on Colin (in his own words)..

ather, Husband, Son, and Brother. I am a self-proclaimed Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney Geek. I love productivity and finding ways to use my time to spend more of it with my family, visiting Disney, and playing golf.  

Professionally, I help Emerging Managers develop into Extraordinary Leaders. 

My Story

With over thirty years' experience in the hospitality industry, I worked in hotels and resorts from 100 rooms to 1500 rooms. Creating positive work experiences was the key to my success.

Early in my career, I learned the value of an engaging work environment. By consistently creating an easy to work, productive environment for my fellow team members, we could distinguish every customer's experience.  Now help businesses develop their leaders to do the same.

After graduating from the University of Massachusetts with a Bachelor of Science in Hotel, Restaurant, and Travel Administration, I spent the early stage of my career moving around the country with Hyatt Hotels. During that period, I lived in New Jersey, New York City (2), San Francisco, CA (2); Tulsa, OK; Lake Tahoe, CA; Orange County, CA.  In 2004 we finally settled down in Miami, and my wife and daughter have lived here for the past 15 years.   

I now share my passion and expertise in hospitality with other industries. For the past seven years, I have been working with businesses not usually known for their customer service. With my focus on leadership and my realistic, down to earth approach, we have achieved measurable results for the businesses I worked with and for the leaders who lead them.

I enjoy bringing people together to accomplish a common goal. This passion is what makes me an engaging speaker, leader, trainer, facilitator, mentor, and coach.

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