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I love leadership, laughs (and yes) libations.  I also love learning.  Although I've been in leadership roles for over 30 years, I love talking to leaders that are in the trenches and learning what works, what doesn't and what I can do differently.

This podcast is for everyone out there that is working to lead better, get more done and leave a legacy.  Leading others is a deliberative act and we can always get better.

Pop yourself open a cold one, sit back and enjoy!

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Apr 25, 2017

What's that?  You want to know why some leaders soar and others fail?  Well, my friends, you're in luck because this week we talk with Mary Kelly, author of the book "Why Leader's Fail and The 7 Prescriptions for Success".    Since we're both retired Navy people, we talk some about the Navy but mostly we talk about what you NEED to do to lead better and succeed.  You won't want to miss this episode with a leader who's been there, done that, and (literally) has the uniform to prove it.

Something About Mary…
Internationally renowned author and speaker in the fields of leadership, productivity, communication and business to improve profit growth.

Author of many books, including award winning and best selling Master Your World, 15 Ways to Grow Your Business in any Economy, and Money Smart; 360 Degrees of Leadership, Stop the Barking, and In Case of Emergency Break Glass.

Something MORE About Mary….
In her 21 years as a Naval Military Officer (retiring as a Commander), she trained over 40,000 military civilians and personnel.

Born in Texas, Mary Kelly is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and spent over 20 years on active duty in intelligence and logistics. She retired from the Navy as a commander. She has Master’s degrees in history and economics, and a PhD in economics. With over 20 years combined teaching experience at the Naval Academy, Hawaii Pacific University, and the Air Force Academy, she taught economics, finance, history and management. She has experience in academic development, human resources, finance and organizational management. Mary has a track record of success as a leadership expert.

Through her work in college teaching and in the military, Mary discovered the need to make the principles of leadership and communication available to all types of businesses. Her book, Master Your World became a bestseller and launched her career as an author and speaker.

After publishing more books on leadership, productivity, communication, business growth, and organization, Mary Kelly wants to make leadership fun and fulfilling. Leadership sounds easy, but leading well is difficult, and the mistakes are costly.

Mary Kelly is affectionately called the “fun leadership economist” by her fans. Using her experience as a Navy commander, she learned how to create productive, happy work environments even in the most stressful situations. She believes in leadership that sets expectations and boosts the morale of those she supports, encouraging people to perform better at their jobs.

Today Mary spends her time showing business owners, CEO’s, managers, and team leaders how to do the same. “Great leadership is tough. Let’s make it easier.”

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