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I love leadership, laughs (and yes) libations.  I also love learning.  Although I've been in leadership roles for over 30 years, I love talking to leaders that are in the trenches and learning what works, what doesn't and what I can do differently.

This podcast is for everyone out there that is working to lead better, get more done and leave a legacy.  Leading others is a deliberative act and we can always get better.

Pop yourself open a cold one, sit back and enjoy!

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Dec 5, 2018

"The best present you can give your team is your actual presence." - Chip Lutz

Are you really busy?  Do you spend most of your time thinking you don't have enough time to do all the things you want to do?  Do you wish you could just take a moment to enjoy a moment when you have that moment? YOU'RE NOT ALONE!

We all live busy lives and it is becoming increasingly difficult to be present when you have the opportunity.  In this episode of Leadership Happy Hour I had the opportunity to talk about all of life's distractions and how to get past them with mindful leadership expert, Daphne Scott.

Daphne is an incredible guest with great energy!  She shares some great strategies on how to be mindful, less stressed, and really connect with the team members around you.

I know you'll put this one at the top of your replay list.  CHEERS!

More on Daphne...

Dr. Daphne Scott brings two decades of real world coaching and corporate development experience to her work with organizations. She combines strong leadership abilities with highly-trained facilitation skills to bring individuals and teams into greater relationship, creativity, and ultimately, success.

Daphne is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), certified Hendricks Coach, a founding member of the Conscious Leadership Group, and a member of the International Coaching Federation. She has studied with top-level executive coaches, consciousness experts, and organizational psychologists. She also holds a Masters Degree in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and a Doctorate of Science in Physical Therapy from Andrews University. Daphne was previously the Director of Leadership Development at Athletico Physical Therapy and is the Chief Cultural Officer at Confluent Health.

Some of Daphne’s strongest skills come from her training with the Second City Improvisational Conservatory Program. She draws from her unique background in theater and physical therapy to bring engaging embodiment and team-building elements to her coaching.

Daphne is no stranger to the perceived daily challenges that stall teams and delay leaders. Responsible for team success herself, Daphne understands the fear that grips leaders, taking them into stagnation and stress. She enjoys working with clients who are committed to leaving old paradigms behind and who are willing to allow themselves to experience life as a journey for their highest learning. Daphne currently facilitates quarterly and monthly trainings for clients around the world and works closely with team leaders in various organizations.

Check her out at: