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I love leadership, laughs (and yes) libations.  I also love learning.  Although I've been in leadership roles for over 30 years, I love talking to leaders that are in the trenches and learning what works, what doesn't and what I can do differently.

This podcast is for everyone out there that is working to lead better, get more done and leave a legacy.  Leading others is a deliberative act and we can always get better.

Pop yourself open a cold one, sit back and enjoy!

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Sep 23, 2019

“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground”. – Theodore Roosevelt

Here we are!  Episode 143!  I can't believe it!  I also can't believe how much I continue to learn on this show from my guests.  Most weeks, I feel like the luckiest boy in leader land!  And, this week is NO exception!

On this episode, I had the privilege to talk with Jennifer DiMotta.  She is the BOMB!  So smart and gave me a lot to think about in my own leadership journey.  We hit it all so be're going to want to play, pause, reflect and repeat!


More on Jennifer...

Jennifer DiMotta has more than 20 years of experience leading direct to consumer (DTC) brands and retailers to triple-digit revenue growth through vision/strategic planning, budgeting and goal governance, and top talent hiring and development.  Jennifer has built solid eCommerce businesses within B&M companies creating harmonies, influence and holistic cultural improvements across the company.

Jennifer also has two corporate board seats of a $6B Public company where she was brought on to evolve the digital and omnichannel experience for a finance corporation and provide female leadership advisory. 

Award-Winning Speaker

Awarded the 2014 Colorado’s Most Powerful and Influential Woman Award and is listed as one of 100 Top Women to Watch by Brand Innovators, has presented on omnichannel and e-commerce at several conferences, including Internet Retailer, eTail and RetailTech and serves as an advisor for several omnichannel and e-commerce vendors. Jennifer has been a guest speaker at the Wharton School of Business on the topic of Omnichannel, Retail, eCommerce and future disruptive digital technology and was a guest speaker at William & Mary, podcasting with the Dean on Omnichannel, Retail and Leadership.

Jennifer also has been a speaker of Women Leadership, most notably at Women in Retail Leadership. She also has spoke on several panels about female leadership and career development.  

Connect with her on her website: